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Trans-scleral Cyclophotocoagulation

Trans-scleral cyclophotocoagulation is a laser treatment performed to lower intraocular pressure.The treatment is usually considered only when medications, eye drops and other surgical procedures are inappropriate or have failed to provide good results and usually when vision is already very poor.

Trans-scleral cyclophotocoagulation is performed under local anaesthesia and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. A laser beam is directed on the ciliary body, the structure that produces aqueous humour. This partially destroys the ciliary body, thereby reducing the amount of aqueous humour the eye produces which in turn results in a reduced pressure inside the eye. After the surgery your eye will be bandaged and your doctor may prescribe eye drops to reduce inflammation.

Like all surgeries Trans-scleral Cyclophotocoagulation may be associated with complications such as:

  • Further reduction in vision
  • Bleeding in the eye
  • A rise or fall in eye pressure
  • Inflammation of the eye

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