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Retinal Disease Treatment

Treatment of Retinal Disease

The various treatment options include:

Medical Retina

  • Intravitreal (eye) injections: Injecting certain medications into the eye may help treat conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion
  • Focal laser photocoagulation: This is done to treat swollen retinas or repair retinal tears.
  • Scatter laser photocoagulation: This procedure causes shrinking of abnormal blood vessels to prevent bleeding into the eye.

    Surgical Retina (not available at Eye Associates)

  • Vitrectomy: This procedure involves the removal of the central gel-like fluid from the eye and its replacement with air, gas, or fluid.
  • Cryopexy: This procedure involves the use of a freezing probe to treat a retinal tear.
  • Pneumatic retinopexy: This procedure involves the injection of a gas or air into the eye to treat retinal detachment.
  • Scleral buckling: This procedure involves suturing a material to the outer eye surface to relieve some of the forces acting on the retina to treat retinal detachment.

Prognosis for Retinal Disease Treatment  

In many cases, early detection and treatment of retinal disease will stop or slow down disease progression and restore vision.

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